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A Birds eye View of Ancient Christian Eschatology

Visser, A. J.

A Late Edfu Theory on the Nature of the God


A New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage

Foster, Lawrence

A Second Anointing Compilation

Church History, Rsearch

A Translation and Commentary of the Joseph Smith Hypocephalus

Rhodes, Michael D.

A Visit to Egypt Nubia the Oasis Mt Sinai and Jerusalem

Henniker, Frederick

Abel's Bloods in Pseudo Jonathan



Rosenbaum, Spencer

Abraham An Egyptian Connection

Ostler, Blake

Abraham in D.H.C. Journals (original sources)


Abraham S.E.H.A. 1989 Mummies in Church History

Peterson, Donl

Accounts of the Creation From Genesis Moses and Abraham


Adam and Eve

Siebach, Jim

Adam and Evil-A Comparison

Porter, Bruce H.

Adam Enoch Abraham Christ Comparison

Hulstine, Darren

Adam  and the angels in the Apocalypse of Adam


Adam, Creation  of Man


Aegyptischen Sprache



Baker, John





Altar Hastings


Altar, Ark, and Temple

Porter, Bruce H.


Porter, Bruce H.

Altars Literary and Archaeology Evidence



Porter, Bruce H.

Amulets for Protection

Petrie, Flinders

An Archaic Creation Collage

Gee, John

An Overview of Sacred Clothing in the Ancient Near East

Palmer, Martin

Androgyne, Compass and the Square, Chinese Burial

Lyon, Michael

Antonio Lebolo His life and Contributions to Egyptology

Porter, Bruce H.

Antonio Lebolo- His Roots and Branches

Peterson, Donl

Apocalyptic Themes

Porter, Bruce H.

Approaching Sacred Space

Bokser, Baruch M.

Archeological Announcements from The National Museum of Antiquities Leyden

van Wijngaarden, W.

Archeology & the Book of Mormon Reference

Heyerdahl, Thor



Ark of the Covenant


Ark of the Covenant and Altars


Asteroid & Comet Bombardment of the Earth

Shoemaker, Eugene

Asteroid & Comet Flux in the Neighborhood of Earth

Shoemaker, Eugene

Back to Bohemia


Before Adam

Nibley, Hugh

Biblical Archeologist- Temple Scroll


Biblical Archeologist- The Elusive Temple

Meyers, Carol L.

Bibliography and Introduction Name

Porter, Bruce H.

Bird Island

Nibley, Hugh

Book of Abraham Manuscripts 1-4


Book of Breathing T32 Translation

Nibley, Hugh

Book of Mormon War Chapters-Alma 43-63


Book of Mormon/The Lachish letter

Nibley, Hugh

Book of Mormon/Transoceanic Crossings to Ancient America

Christensen, Ross

Book of the dead Spell 162 163


Brief Survey of General Creation Motifs of the Ancient Near East

Daybell, Randy

Brigham Young as a Theologian

Nibley, Hugh

Brigham Young as an Educator

Nibley, Hugh

Brigham Young on the Environment

Nibley, Hugh

Calling and Election


Calling Election Made Sure A Combined Index.


Canaanite Religion and Sacrifice

Fohrer, Georg

Catalogue of Egyptian Antiquities in The British Museum-Mummies and Human Remains

Dawson, Warren

Catalogue of Skulls of Man and the Inferior Animals

Morton, Samuel G.

Catholic Dictionary Altar


Celestial, Terrestrial, Life and Choices

DeHoyos, G.

Centralization of Israelite Worship

Mathews, Darrel L.

Christ Among the Ruins

Research Paper

Christian Symbolism

Stafford, Thomas

Clothed Upon- Ritual Significance

Ostler, Blake

Come unto Christ Through Temple Ordinances and Covenants

The Church

Comet on Yucatan Peninsula

Simon, Joel

Comet on Yucatan Peninsula

Simon, Joel



Commencement Address

Nibley, Hugh

Consecration of an Egyptian Temple According to the use of Edfu

Blackman, A. M.

Cosmogony and the Ethical, In the Beginning

Reynolds, Frank

Council in Heaven


Creation and Liturgy Exodus 25

Kearney, Peter J.

Creation and Liturgy in Ex. 25

Kearney, Peter

Creation Supernova


Creation: 3 Accounts Moses, Abraham, Genesis


Cult Mystery in the Gospel of Phillip

Buckley, Jorunn

Cyclopedia Altar


Daniel Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Day of Atonement


Death of the True Story

Science Digest

Deceptive Women and Biblical Androcentrism

Fuchs, Esther

Deuteronomy Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Diatremes & Uranium Deposits in the Hopi Buttes, Arizona

Shoemaker, Eugene

Did the Comets Kill the Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs and Friends Snuffed


Discourse on the Abbaton


Doctrine and Covenants Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Documents of the Baptismal Liturgy

Whitaker, E. C.

Drovetti's Collection

Marro, Giovanni

Dust off Feet


Early Accounts of Jesus' Childhood

Nibley, Hugh

Early Christian Apocalypticism Genre and Social Setting


Early Recording System in Egypt and Ancient Near East

Schmandt-Besserat, Denise

Earth and Gods

Elaide, Mircea

Earth Crossing Asteroids

Shoemaker, Eugene

Eduard Meyers Comparison of Mohammed & Joseph Smith

Meyer, Eduard

Egyptian Chronology


Egyptian Dictionary


Egyptian Grammar Lesson IV


Egyptian Grammar lesson XIV


Egyptian Religion and History an Overview


El Arish


Enthronement of Sabboath

Fallon, Francis T.

Evidences to Show that Man were Born and Transplanted


Evolution of the Physical Universe

Athay, Grant

Evolution of the Physical Universe

Porter, Bruce H.

Excavations at Thebes

D'Athanasi, Giovanni

Exodus Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Expanding Galaxy


Expanding Galaxy


Exploration and Responses the Sex of God

Pipps, William E.

Extinction by a One Two Comet Punch


Extraterrestrial Cause for the Cretaceous Tertiary Extinction

Science Journal

Fac2  Hypocephalus

Freeman, G. E.

For What Purpose

Dyer, Alvin R.


Nibley, Hugh

Forgiving Others

Kimball, Spencer W.

Foundation Rites for New Temple

Van Buren, Douglas E.

Fragment found in Salt Lake

Nibley, Hugh

Free Agency


From Eden to Exaltation: The Covenants of the Fathers

Porter, Bruce H.

From First Touch to Sacred Embrace the Egyptian Endowment

Garner, Brian D.

Garment Collection.


Genesis Moses Abraham Introduction to Temple & Scripture Notes


Genesis Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Geology and the Geological Column


Getting Ready to Begin an Editoral.pdf

Nibley, Hugh

Harlot as Heroine

Bird, Phyllis

Henry Salt


Hieratic Papyri and Writing


Hierocentric State

Nibley, Hugh

Hierocentric State

Nibley, Hugh

High Places


History of Religion the Image of the Androgyne Some Uses of a Symbol in Earliest Christianity

Meeks, Wayne A.

History of the Endowment

Nibley, Hugh

How Old is the Earth.

Cracroft, Paul

Hugh Nibley's Brush with Death

Nibley, Hugh

Hypo Sources and Reference Notes

Porter, Bruce H.

Hypocephalus of Shai enen

Budge, E. A. Wallis

Illustration of Masonry


Image of the World and Symbol of the Creator


In Search of Eve

Cann, Rebecca

In the Image of God Male, Female and the Language of the Liturgy

Scorsone, Suzanne

In the Presence of the Lord

Baruch, Levine


Bleeker, C. J.

Initiation and the Primal Woman in Gilgamesh and Genesis

Bailey, John

Interpretation and Comparison of a Bilingual Inscription found on an Egyptian Mummy in the Royal Museum

Quintino, Giulio

Interpretazione E Confronto

Quintino, Giulio .

Introduction An Age of Discovery

Nibley, Hugh

Isaiah and the Temple

Muir, Michael

Isaiah Religion 304

Isaiah Class

Jeremiah Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Jewish Baptism


Jewish Symbols in the Greco Roman Period "Art' 2

Goodenough, Erwin

Jewish Symbols in the Greco Roman Period 'Art" 1

Goodenough, Erwin

Jewish Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period

Goodenough, Erwin

Joseph Smith and the Lebolo Egyptian Papyri

Clark, James

Joseph Smiths Statements on Abrahamic Writings & Mummies in D.H.C.


Joshua Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Judges Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

King and the Covenant.

Widengren, Geo

King, Coronation and Temples, Enthronement Ceremonies

Ricks, Stephen D.

Kingship by A. M. Hocart

Hocart, A. M.

Knowledge and Life in the Creation Story

Engnell, I.

LDS How Old is the Earth


Lebolo Personal Letters


Lebolo will and Translation

Peterson Donl

Lesson Egypt Vocabulary


Letter from M. D. Brine to Bernardino Drovetti

Brine, M. D.

Letter to the Count Pio Vidua


Letters to M. Letronne

Reuvens, C. J. C.

Leviticus Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Light travels in Egypt and Nubia


Liturgy and Cosmogony

Ricks, Stephen D.

Making Mary Male: The Categories Male and Female in the Gospel of Thomas

Meyer, Marvin W.

Making your Calling and Election Sure

Romney, Marion G.

Male and Female Created He Them

Kimball, Spencer W.

Male and Female He Created Them Genesis 1:27 in the Context of the Priestly Account of Creation

Bird, Phyllis A.

Male and Female in Christ's Priestly Dance

Thompson, Ross

Man his origin and Destiny

Smith, Joseph Fielding

Map is not Territory

Smith, Jonathan Z.

Mass Extinctions, Crater Ages and Comet Showers

Shoemaker, Eugene

Matthew Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

McConkie to Eugene England  Letter

McConkie, Bruce

Meteorites Their Record of Early Solar System History

Wasson, John T.

Miscellaneous Discoveries


Mormon Americana


Mormon Polygamous Families

Embry, Jessie L.

Mothers and Sexual Politics in the Hebrew Bible

Fuchs, Esther

Mummies and Manuscripts Lebolo-Chandler

Peterson, Donl

Mummies in America

Porter, Bruce H.

Mummies in America-Three Accounts


Mummies, 11 Mummies in Trieste Manuscripts


Mysteries of the Bible


Mysticism in Pharaonic Egypt

Wente, Edward

Mythology of pre Israelite Shechem

Wright, G. R. H.

Name in Dictionary of Apostolic Church


Names in Antiquity

Porter, Bruce H.

Nature & Organization of the Early Church

Nibley, Hugh

Nesikhonsu's Burial Scrolls

de Jong-Anderson, Carma

New light on Joseph Smith's Egyptian Papyri

Todd, Jay

New light on Joseph Smith's Egyptian Papyri color

Todd, Jay

New Light on Old Egyptian Mormon Mummies 1848 71

Kimball, Stanley B.

New Light on Writing in the Americas

Morell, Virginia

New Perspectives in the Study of Christian Origins

Frend, W. H. C.

New Wine in Old Wineskins: Image of God

Wilson, S. G.

Newspaper Articles evolution


Nibley Pearl of Great Price Commentary

Nibley, Hugh

Notes on Facsimile Two Hypocephalus

McNeely, Brent

Numbers Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Occult Satanism Newspaper


Old Modern Endowment Theory (not so good)


Old Testament Anointing


Origin of the Greek theatre

Stricker, B. H.

Original Meaning of Sacrifice

McKean, Theo E.

Osiris and Marduk


Out on a Limb a Preliminary Study of the Idea of the Tree and the Temple

Gee, John

P.P. Pratt Comets

Pratt, Parley P.

Pearl of Great Price Editions


Pettigrew's Demonstrations Upon Mummies a chapter in the History of Egyptology

Dawson, Warren

Physics & Astronomy of the Moon

Shoemaker, Eugene

Plato's Athens

Nibley, Hugh

Premundane Creation

Pirke Aboth

Priestly Temple Vesture and Purification Rituals of the Egyptians and Israelites

McBride, Leisel

Proceedings: Society of Biblical Archaeology Hypocephalus


Prolegomena to Any Study of the Book of Abraham

Nibley, Hugh

Pseudo Tertillian Against All Heresies

Nibley, Hugh

Purification Rites in an Egyptian Temple

Brown, David

Recent Discoveries in Egypt and Nubia

Belzoni, G.

Redemption and Genesis

Vermes, Geza

Remarks on the Mythology of the Eyes of Horus

Griffiths, J. Gwyn

Revue de Qumran, The Three Temples of 4Q.



Nibley, Hugh

Rites of the Primitive Church

Nibley, Hugh

Ritual Embrace


Ruth Nibley

Nibley, Hugh

Sacred Architecture and Symbolism

Eliade, Mircea

Sacred Places

Kristensen, Brede

Sacred Stones

Eliade, Mircea

Sacred Vestments

Nibley, Hugh

Sacred Vestments McConkie

McConkie, Joseph F.

Sacrifice Greek


Sacrifice of the King's Son

Frazer, James G.

Satan's Thrust to Youth

Benson, Ezra Taft

Scientific Evidence That Dinosaurs and Men Walked Together?

Wilson, Clifford

Scriptural Citations for Sanctuary Sites


Scripture and tradition in Judaism the life of Abraham

Vermes, Geza

Secrets of the Scriptures The Creation

Nibley, Hugh

Seeing What lies Beyond the Stars

New Tech

Seeing What lies Beyond the Stars


Sex, Drugs Disasters and the Extinction of Dinosaurs


Shadows in Profusion the symbolism and Centrality of the Hebrew Altar

Eames, Rulon

Six Steps to Forgiveness

Kimball, Spencer W.

Some Characteristic Features of the Ancient Egyptian Religion

Bleeker, C. J.

Sons of Perdition

Smith, Joseph Jr.

Souvenirs Form Lehi's Jerusalem

Nibley, Hugh

Space Debris


Standard Works


Statement on Missionary Work

First Presidency

Stewardship of the Air

Nibley, Hugh

Stolen Garment Page


Stone Age Man on the Nile

Smith, Phillip E.

Stop to Consider the Stones that Fall From the sky

Trefil, James

Story of the Formation of the Book of Mormon Plates

Ricks, Eldin

Stratigraphic Evidence From Western North America Fro Multiple Impacts

Shoemaker, Eugene

Strong man Egyptologist

Clair, Colin

Studies in the History of Religion: The Divine Lady

Bleeker, C. J.

Studies in the Temple Scroll

Milgrom, Jacob

Studies on the Temple in the Ancient Near East

Lundquist, John M.

Sudden Death at the end of the Mesozoic

Shoemaker, Eugene

Sur les Hypocephales

Varga, Edith

Symbolism of Dress

Goodenough, Erwin

Symbols For Masculinity and Femininity their use in Ancient Near Eastern Sympathetic Magic Rituals

Hoffner, Harry A.

Target Earth it Will Happen

Morrison, David

Temple Building in the Bible in Light of Mesopotamian and North West Semitic Writings

Hurowitz, Avigdor

Temple Building, A Task for Gods and Kings

Kapelrud, Arvid S.

Temple Notes and Research

Porter, Bruce H.

Temple Ordinance

Nibley, Hugh

Temple Ritual A Paradigm for Moral Holiness in Haggai 2

Hilderbrand, David

Temple Ritual and Tradition in Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon

Taylor, Gregory

Temple Symbolism in Isaiah

Lundquist, John m.

Temple/Temple/A Coptic Apocryphon of Saint Stephen the Archdeacon.


Temple: In Hastings


Temples and their related Ordinances Known Anciently

Bybee, Gerald

Temples Without Hands

Freedman, David Noel

Testimonies of Joseph Smith Translations


Texts relating to the Weighing of the Heart of Ani

Budge, A. E.

The Abrahamic Material from Original Journals and Sources


The Altar in The Religion of the Old Testament

Porter, Bruce H.

The Altars of the Old Testament

Wiener, Harold

The Apocalypse of John as Oral Enactment

Barr, David L.

The Architectural Symbolism of the Mammisi Chapels in Egypt


The Arrow the Hunter & the State

Nibley, Hugh

The Ascension Myth in the Pyramid Texts

Davis, Whitney M.

The Babylonian Temple-Tower


The Baptism of Pharaoh

Gardiner, Alan

The Bible Key to Understanding the Early Earth

Oakland, Roger

The Blood Covenant

Trumball, Clay H.

The Book of Abraham Divine Revelation or Speculative Writing

Peterson, Donl

The Book of Abraham Extracts from the Large Text also called the Book of Abraham.

Peterson, Donl



The Breathing Permit of Hor

Baer, Klaus

The Cemetery


The Chapel of The Throne of Re of Edfu

Ibrahim, Mohiy

The Common Heritage of Near Eastern Temples

Call, Richard

The Coronation Ceremony Notes

Hocart A. M.

The Creation Model


The Creation of Man Philo & the History of Interpretation

Tobin, Thomas

The Cult of the sacred Tree and Stones

James, E. O.

The Death Papyrus of Sensaos History of.

Nibley, Hugh

The Early Christian Church in the Light of Some Newly Discovered Papyri from Egypt

Nibley, Hugh

The Earth and Man Talmage

Talmage, James

The Egyptian Sed Festival Rites

Uphill, Eric

The Faith of an Observer Conversations with Hugh Nibley Film Transcript

Nibley, Hugh

The Fall of man


The Flood vs. Ice Age

Smith, Joseph Fielding

The Fullness of the Priesthood- The Second Anointing in Latter Day Saint Theology and Practice

Buerger, David

The Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life Temple Symbols in Ancient and Modern Times

Hunsaker, Dean

The Garden of Eden sacred Space Sanctuary and Temple of God

Parry, Don

The Gathering of Israel and the Redemption of Zion

Andrus, Hyrum

The Great Belzoni

Mayes, Stanley

The Historical Background of the Book of Abraham

Todd, Jay

The Holy Spirit of Promise


The House of The Morning

Blackman, A. M.

The Image of God in Man: is Women Included

Horowitz, Maryanne

The image of God in the Book of Genesis: A Study of Terminology

Barr, James

The Image of the Androgyne

Meeks, Wayne A.

The Interpreter's Bible- Ezekiel


The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible-Altars


The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri

Wilson, A.

The Joseph Smith Papyri A Preliminary report

Parker, Richard

The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology-King lists and Indexes


The Judicial Papyrus of Turin

De Buck, A.

The King's Coronation

Sroka, John

The Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Old Testament and the Qumran Scrolls

Gordis, Robert

The Law of Sacrifice Ancient and Modern

Top, Brent

The Literature of Egypt and the Soudan Bibliography


The March Toward Extinction

National Geographic

The Meaning of Sacrifice

Money-Kyrle, R.

The Meaning of the Atonement

Nibley, Hugh

The Meaning of the More Sure Word of Prophecy


The Memphite Theology


The Michael H. Chandler Family Genealogy


The Miraj of Muhammad in an Ascension Typology

McNeely, Brent E.

The Missing Rib

Toscano, Margaret

The Moving of the Water

Packer, Boyd K.

The Myth of the Eternal Return

Elaide, M.

The Nag Hammadi: Origin of the World and: Gospel of  Phillip,


The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge


The Omphalos Myth and Hebrew Religion

Terrien, S.

The Passing of the Church Forty Variations on an Unpopular Theme

Nibley, Hugh

The Place of the Temple of Solomon in the History of Israelite Religion

Albright, William F.

The Prestige of the Cosmogonic Myth

Elaide, Mircea

The Prestige of the Cosmogonic Myth

Eliade, Mircea

The Principal Pharaohs of Egypt


The revised Standard Version Old and new testament Genesis


The Rite of Opening the Mouth in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia

Blackman, A. M.

The Role of Satan

Hicks, Russell

The Sacrifice of Isaac Abraham's Sacrifice of Faith

Coats, George W.

The Sacrifice of Isaac Redemption and Genesis XXII

Vermes, G

The Sacrifice of Isaac the Akeddah

Wellisch, E.

The Sacrifice of Sarah

Nibley, Hugh

The Saga of the Book of Abraham

Todd, Jay

The Second Anointing/Making Your Calling and Election Sure


The Shabbaka Stone

McNeely, Brent

The Shebtiw in the Temple at Edfu

Jelinkova, E. A. E.

The Shipwrecked Sailors Adventure


The Shofar Altar

Reik, Theodor

The Significance of Incense and Libations in Funerary and Temple Ritual

Blackman, A. M.

The Significance of the Ceremony HWT BHSW in the Temple of Horus at Edfu

Blackman, A. M.

The Snake Ceremonials at Walpi

Fewkes, Walter J.

The Statesman

Nibley, Hugh

The Stolen Garment

Porter, Bruce H.

The Symbolism of Blood and Sacrifice

McCarthy, Dennis J.

The Symbolism Of the Temples at Amarna

Badawy, Alexander

The Tabernacle Model

Hall, Jim

The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor


The Temple and its Significance

Muren, Joseph

The Temple and the Origins of Jewish Apocalyptic

Hamerton-Kelly, R.

The Temple in Ugaritic Myth of Baal

Clifford, Richard J.

The Three Facsimile of Abraham

Research Notes

The Three Men

Goodenough, Erwin

The Tombs of the First Pharaohs

Emery, Walter

The Torn Garment, an Apocryphal Tale

Nibley, Hugh

The Tree of Life as a Symbol of Jesus Christ

Anderson, Ron

The Tree of Life as a Symbol of the Temple

Griffith, Mack

The Two Pharaonic Cubits

Balboni, L. A.

The Waters and Water Symbolism


The Way of the Initiate

Hooke, S. H.

The Zohar


Theological Studies the Incomprehensibility of God and the Image of God: Male and Female

Johnson, Elizabeth

Theophany and Anthropomorphism in the Old Testament

Barr, James

Thoth as Creator of Languages


Times & Seasons


Treasures In the Heavens Some Early Christian insights into the Organizing of Worlds

Nibley, Hugh

Tree of Life General

Elaide, M.

Uniformitarianism & the Response of Earth Scientists to the Theory of Impact Crises

Alvarez, Walter

Unrolling of a Mummy at Florence

Birch, S.

Vetus Testamentum: Creation at Ugarit and in the Old Testament

Fisher, Loren R.

Washing of Feet


West Palm Beach

Nibley, Hugh

What is a temple a preliminary Typology

Lundquist, John M.

What is a Temple, a Preliminary Typology

Lundquist, John M.

When did Creation take Place


When did Creation take Place


Who Was Who in Egyptology

Dawson, Warren

Worlds in Collusion

The Sciences

Worlds Without Numbers

Porter, Bruce H.

Worlds Without Number-The Astronomy of Enoch, Abraham, and Moses

Athay, Grant

Worship and Festivals in an Egyptian Temple

Fairman, H. W.

Worship of the Ancestor Gods at Edfu