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Temple Outline and Index

This outline is an index for Temple orientated, articles, talks, and research from the  Ancient to Modern,  and from many different cultures and religions.  Keep in mind that many of the Articles herein are not of L.D.S.  authorship and should be read with this in mind.


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Temple/Creation/Satan/Sons of Perdition.pdf

Temple/Creation/Women/Harlot as Heroine..pdf

Temple/Creation/Women/Mothers and Sexulal politics in the Hebrew Bible.pdf

Temple/Temple/Revue de Qumran..pdf

Temple/Priesthood/Abels blood/Pseudo Jonathan.pdf

Temple/Creation/Deceptive women and biblical androcentrism..pdf

Temple/Spirit world/Hugh Nibley's Brush with Death.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/The Sacrifice of Sarah.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/the sacrifice of Isaac the Akedah.pdf

Temple/Creation/porter Genesis Moses introduction to temple & scripture collage.pdf

Temple/Endowment/Book of the dead Spell 162 163.pdf

Temple/Creation/P of GP Intro. pdf

Temple/Creation/The Enoch Figure incomplete.pdf

Temple/Endowment/Aegyptischen Sprache.pdf

Temple/Endowment/Dust off Feet.pdf

Temple/Endowment/Pearl of Great Price sum.pdf

The Hellenization of Christianity in Jewish Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period. pdf

Temple/Faith/The Faith of an Observer Conversations with hugh Nibley.pdf




Temple/Endowment/Masonry/illustration of masonry.pdf

Temple/Endowment/Hierocentric State..pdf

Temple/Endowment/The Significance of the Ceremony HWT BHSW in the Temple of Horus at Edfu.pdf

Temple/Endowment/the snake ceremonials at walpi.pdf

Temple/Gathering of Israel/The Gathering of Israel and the Redemption of Zion.pdf

Temple/Heaven/Brigham young on the environment CELESTIAL..pdf

Temple/Image of God/Nature of God/Egypt/a Late Edfu Theory on the Nature of the God.pdf

Temple/Image of God/Exploration and Responses the sex of God.pdf

Temple/Image of God/In the Image of God male female and the language of the Liturgy.pdf

Temple/Image of God/Making Mary male the categories male and female in the gospel of thomas.pdf

Temple/Image of God/Male and female Created He Them.pdf

Temple/Image of God/male and female he created them Gne 1 27 in the context of the priestly account of creation.pdf

Temple/Image of God/Male and Female in Christ's Priestly Dance.pdf

Temple/Image of God/New wine in old Wineskins image of god.pdf

Temple/Image of God/The image of god in the book of genesis a study of terminology.pdf

Temple/Isaiah/Isaiah and the Prophets.pdf

Temple/Isaiah/Isaiah Religion 304..pdf

Temple/Isaiah/isiah and the temple michael muir..pdf

Temple/Jesus/Early Accounts of Jesus' Childhood.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/Sacrament/The Blood Covenant.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/Canaanite Religion Sacrifice.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/original meaning of sacrifice.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/Sacrifice Greek.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/The Law of Sacrifice ancient and Modern.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/The Meaning of Sacrifice.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/the sacrifice of Isaac Abraham's Sacrifice of Faith.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/the sacrifice of Isaac redemption and genesisXXII.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/the sacrifice of Isaac sacrifice of the king's son.pdf

Temple/Sacrifice/The Symbolism of Blood and Sacrifice.pdf

Temple/Standards/Ethics/Cosmogony and the Ethical order.pdf

Temple/Temple/A Coptic Apocryphon of Saint Stephen the Archdeacon.pdf










Temples General
*Foundation Rites for New Temple. PDF
*Hierocentric State. PDF

*Temple Notes and outline. PDF
*The Legitimizing Role of the Temple in the Origin of the State. PDF
*What is a Temple a Preliminary Typology. PDF 
The Garden of Eden Sacred Space Sanctuary and Temple of God. pdf 
The Common Heritage of Near Eastern Temples.  pdf 
Temple Building:  a Task for Gods and Kings. pdf 
Temple:  Hastings. pdf

Ancient Temples
*Studies on the Temple in the Ancient Near East. PDF
*Temple Building:  A Task for Gods and Kings. PDF

Israelite Temples
*The Elusive Temple, Biblical Archeologist- .PDF
*Centralization of Israelite Worship...PDF
*Isaiah and the Prophets. PDF
*Scriptural Citations for Sanctuary Sites. PDF
*Temple Building  In the Bible and Semitic writings. PDF

*Temple Without Hands: in "Temples and High Places in Biblical Times". PDF
*The Temple and the Origins of Jewish Apocalyptic.. PDF 
The Tabernacle Model. pdf 
*Temples and High Places in Biblical Times. pdf 
The Place of the Temple of Solomon in the History of the Israelite Religion. pdf


Egyptian Temples
*Egyptian Dictionary. PDF
*Mysticism in Pharaonic Egypt. PDF
*Some Characteristic Features of the Ancient Egyptian Religion. PDF
*Texts relating to the Weighing of the Heart of Ani. PDF
*The Architectural Symbolism of the Mammisi Chapels in Egypt. PDF
*The Ascension Myth in the Pyramid Texts. PDF
*The Breathing Permit of Hor. PDF
*The Cemetery. PDF
*The Chapel of The Throne of Re of Edfu.PDF
*The Egyptian Sed Festival Rites. PDF
*The House of the Morning. PDF
*The Rite of Opening the Mouth in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia. PDF
*The Shebtiw in the Temple at Edfu.PDF
*The Symbolism if the Temples at Amarna.. PDF
*Worship and Festivals in an Egyptian Temple. PDF
*Worship of the Ancestor Gods at Edfu.PDF
*El Arish. PDF

*Remarks on the Mythology of the Eyes of Horus.PDF
*Purification Rites in an Egyptian Temple. PDF
*Consecration of an Egyptian temple According o the use of Edfu.PDF 
From First Touch to Sacred Embrace the Egyptian Endowment. pdf 
Image of the World and Symbol of the Creator. pdf

Mesopotamian Temples
*The Rite of Opening the Mouth in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia. PDF
The Babylonian Temple-Tower. PDF

Meso-American Temples

Temples: Other
*The Temple in the Ugaritic Myth of Baal. PDF 
The Way of the Initiate. W.O.E. Oesterly. pdf

Modern L.D.S. Temples

Temple Scroll at Dead Sea
*Temple Scroll, Biblical Archeologist- . PDF
*The Three Temples in the Temple Scroll.  Revue de Qumran .PDF 
Studies in the Temple Scroll:  Jacob Milgrom. pdf

Temple Ritual
*Map is not Territory. PDF

Threshing Floor
*Origin of the Greek Theatre. B. H. Stricker. pdf

The three Kingdoms of Glory  
Celestial, and Terrestrial, Characteristics. Genevieve DeHoyos .pdf

Six Cardinal Directions

The Three Worlds: Gods, Living, and Dead

Temple Symbolism
The Temple and its Significance. pdf 
High Places and Altars.  Hastings. pdf  
Image of the World and Symbol of the Creator. pdf  
The Prestige of the Cosmogonic Myth. Mircea Eliade. pdf

Sacred Space
*Sacred Space: Earth and Gods.  pdf 
Approaching Sacred Space. pdf 
Sacred Places. pdf 
In the Presence of the Lord. pdf 
Sacred Stones, and Sacred Space. Mircea Eliade pdf

Temple Art and Architecture
*Sacred Architecture and Symbolism. PDF

Primordial Mound
*The Omphalos Myth and Hebrew Religion. PDF

Tripartite Temples

Endowment of Power
*History of  The Endowment. Hugh Nibley. pdf 
Commencement Address. Hugh Nibley. pdf 
Theory of the Old and Modern Endowment. pdf 
From Eden to Exaltation the Covenants of the Fathers. Bruce Porter. pdf

Kingship, Enthronement and Coronation
*Kingship and Coronation , Porter/Hocart
*Kingship and Coronation
*Akitu Festival

*King and the Covenant. PDF
*King Coronation and Temples: Enthronement Ceremonies in Mystery. PDF
*The Coronation Ceremony and Oath and Covenant notes. PDF 
*Kingship by A. M. Hocart. pdf 
*The King's Coronation. John Sroka. pdf 
Sacral Kingship Expressions of Cosmic Kingship in the Ancient World. pdf  
Enthronement of Saboth. pdf  
Sacral Kingship the Evidence for Divine Kings in Greece.. H.J. Rose. pdf

*Temple and Their Related Ordinances Known Anciently. pdf

Early Christian
*Cult Mystery in the Gospel of Phillip. PDF 
Temple Ordinance Hugh Nibley. pdf

Non Christian   

Come unto Christ Through Temple Ordinances and Covenants. First Presidency. pdf



*Priestly Temple Vesture and Purification Rituals of the Egyptians and Israelites. pdf

*Initiation. PDF
*Purification Rites in an Egyptian Temple. PDF
*The Myth of the Eternal Return. PDF
*The Significance of Incense and Libations in Funerary and Temple Ritual. PDF
*The Waters and Water Symbolism. PDF
*Washing of Feet. PDF
*Documents of the Baptismal Liturgy. PDF
*Jewish Baptism. PDF
*Temple Ritual A paradigm for Moral Holiness in Haggai 2..pdf
*The Baptism of Pharaoh. PDF
*The Moving of the Water. PDF

Old Testament Anointngs. pdf

*An Overview of Sacred Clothing in the Ancient Near East. pdf
*Clothed Upon- Ritual Significance. pdf 
*Garment Collection.. pdf 
Jewish Symbols in the Greco Roman Period Art !. pdf 
Jewish Symbols in the Greco Roman Period Art 2.pdf 
Priestly Temple Vesture and Purification Rituals of the Egyptians and Israelites. pdf 
Sacred Vestments McConkie. pdf 
Sacred Vestments. Nibley. pdf 
Symbolism of Dress. pdf 
The Torn Garment, an Apocryphal Tale. pdf

Robes of the Priesthood
he Stolen Garment. pdf


Compass and Square 
*The Compass, Square and Chinese Burial Cloth mix. pdf 

New Name
*Names in Antiquity. PDF

Names, Signs and Tokens

Oath and Covenant
*The Coronation Ceremony and Oath and Covenant notes. PDF




Law of Obedience

Law of Sacrifice

Law of the Gospel

Law of Virtue

Law of Consecration







Presence of God

Calling and Election
he Meaning of the More Sure word of Prophecy. PDF 
Calling election made sure/2nd Anointing/Making Your Calling and Election Sure. pdf 
Calling and Election Made Sure/A Second Anointing Compilation. pdf 
Making your Calling and Election Sure. Marion G. Romney. pdf 
A Combined Index to Second Anointings, Calling and Election Made Sure, Sealing up unto Eternal Life, Church of the Firstborn, Kings & Priests/Queens& Priestesses, Fullness of the Priesthood. pdf 
The Fullness of the Priesthood- The Second Anointing in Latter Day Saint Theology and Practice. pdf 
Calling and Election. Elder George F. Richards. pdf 
The Holy Spirit of Promise. pdf


Husbands to Wives

Children to Parents

Eternal Marriage

Mormon Polygamous Families.  Jessie Embry. pdf 
A New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage. Forgotten Practices pdf

Pre-Earth Council in Heaven
*Temple/Creation/Creation/the Memphite Theology. pdf
Temple/Creation/Creation/The Shabbakah Stone. pdf 
For What Purpose. Alvin R. Dyer. pdf


War in Heaven 
* Discourse on The  Abbaton. pdf

*The Creation at Ugarit and in the Old Testament. PDF
he Prestige of the Cosmogonic Myth. PDF
*Liturgy and Cosmogony. PDF
*The Memphite Theology. pdf
*The Shabbakah Stone. pdf
*An Archaic Creation Collage. pdf
*creation and liturgy ex 25..pdf
*Premundane Creation. Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer. pdf
When did Creation take Place. pdf 
Brief Survey of General Creation Motifs of the Ancient Near East. pdf 
Treasures In the Heavens Some Early Christian Insights into the Organizing of Worlds. pdf 
Porter, Genesis, Moses, Introduction to Temple & Scripture Collage. pdf 
Liturgy and Cosmogony. Stephen D. Ricks. pdf 
Creation Mysteries of the Bible. Reader's Digest. pdf  
The Prestige of the Cosmogonic Myth. Mircea Eliade pdf  
The revised Standard Version Old Testament Genesis. pdf


The Creation in Scripture
*Creation and Liturgy  The P Redaction of Ex. 25-40.PDF
The Creation Model.pdf

The Three Creation Accounts: Moses, Abraham, Temple
*Accounts of the Creation From Genesis Moses and Abraham.pdf
Creation 3 Accounts Moses, Abraham, Genesis..pdf




*Adam and Eve. pdf
*Adam creation man. pdf
*Before Adam. pdf
*Initiation and the Primal Woman in Gilgamesh and genesis. pdf
*Symbols For Masculinity and Femininity their use in Ancient Near Eastern  Sympathetic Magic Rituals. pdf
*The Creation of Man Philo & the History of Interpretation. pdf
The Gnostic Background of the Rabbinic Adam Legends. pdf 
Knowledge and Life in the Creation Story. pdf 
Adam, Enoch, Abraham, and Christ: A Comparison. pdf 
Evidences to Show that Man were born and Transplanted onto this Earth to Begin Life. pdf

The Image of God 
Theological Studies the Incomprehensibility of God and the Image of God, Male and Female. pdf 
Theophany and Anthropomorphism in the Old Testament. James Barr. pdf 
*The Androgynous God  Chinese Burial Cloth mix. pdf 
The Image of the Androgyne: Some uses of a Symbol in Earliest Christianity. Wayne A. Meeks.  pdf 
The Image of God in Man--is Women Included. Maryanne Cline Horowitz. pdf 
The Image of the Androgyne. Wayne A. Meeks. Copy. pdf  
The Divine Lady. C.J. Bleeker .pdf

*In Search of Eve. PDF 
The Missing Rib. Margaret Toscano. pdf

The Abrahamic Blessing and The Covenants of The Fathers

Garden of Eden

The Three Sent Ones or Pillars
*Adam, The Apocalypse of,  and the Angels. PDF
Secrets of the Scriptures The Creation. PDF
The Three Men. PDF

The Two Trees 
* Tree of Life General. pdf

Tree of Life 
*Out on a Limb a Preliminary Study of the Idea of the Tree and the Temple. pdf 
The Tree of Life as a Symbol of Jesus Christ. pdf 
The Cult of the Sacred Tree and Stones. pdf 
The Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life Temple Symbols in Ancient and Modern Times. pdf 
The Tree of Life as a Symbol of the Temple. pdf

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
*The Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Old Testament and the Qumran Scrolls. pdf

*Agency Research
*Agency. pdf
Free Agency. pdf

*Adam and Evil-A Comparison. Bruce Porter. pdf 
*Occult Satanism. Newspaper. pdf 
*Satan's Thrust to Youth.  E. T. Benson. pdf 
The Role of Satan. pdf  
Enthronement of Sabaoth. pdf

The Fall of Satan

Adam vs. Satan

Death Before The Fall



The Fall
*The Fall of Man.pdf

*Day of Atonement. PDF
The Meaning of the Atonement. PDF


Spiritual Death


Physical Death