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Temples and Texts


This page contains links to the many files, articles, and research papers that pertain to Temples and Temple Texts, both ancient and modern.  The texts and article contained here do not  represent the Official Doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as many of these files and articles are from non L.D.S. sources.  Any copyrighted material is to be used only for personal study and edification, and not for any monetary or financial gain.  Many of these files are in PDF format and will require the Adobe Reader that may be downloaded free from Adobe.com.  The Scanned files may or may not be the best of quality because of the text itself, the scanner or the order of pages. There are in the pages below many notes made during research that may mean little to the reader

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Temple Outline and Index to Temple Related Articles.

Temple Texts in the Scriptures

A Temple Outline