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A Parallel Creation 
A Lamb Prepared
Baptism for the Remission of Sins
The Gathering and the Two Jerusalem's
"From Eden to Exaltation, the Covenants of the Fathers"
"Deception Versus Decision"
The Church of the Devil
The Book of Revelation and the Last Days"
The War in Heaven and The Origin of Evil"
Names in Antiquity"
Altar Ency. Mormonism
Antonio Lebolo
Patriarchal Priesthood
Council in Heaven
The Stolen Garment"
All Must Stand Before God
The Three Sent Ones"
The Mysteries
The State of Israel
Adam and Evil-A Comparison
Altar, Ark, and Temple
Altars Paper
Altars Ency. Mormonism Draft 

The Altar in The Religion of the Old Testament
Antonio Lebolo His life and Contributions to Egyptology
Apocalyptic Themes
Bibliography and Introduction "Name"
Evolution of the Physical Universe
Hypo Sources and Reference Notes
Mummies in America
Temple Notes and Research

The Stolen Garment
Worlds Without Numbers

Satan's Power for Temptation

Satan's Power and Influence over Mankind
Edited Quotes on Moral Agency