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Book of Abraham

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The PDF files are not necessarily prepared in a professional manner, but are directly from  personal files and scanned into PDF format to be made available for those interested.  Many of these files were used for research and may have hand written notes and underlines on many of the pages which may be of little value.  Other Book of Abraham links you might like to visit, just click here.

History and Introduction:

Book of Abraham Manuscripts 1-4.pdf

Abraham An Egyptian Connection. PDF

Abraham in D.H.C Journals. PDF

Book of Breathing. PDF

Light travels in Egypt and Nubia.PDF

Miscellaneous Contents. PDF

Mormon Americana. PDF

Mummies in America-Three Accounts. PDF

The book of Abraham Divine Revelation or Speculative Writing. PDF

The Saga of the Book of Abraham. PDF

Interpretazione E Confronto.PDF

Mummies in America. PDF

Mummies Manuscripts. PDF

New Light on Old Egyptian Mormon Mummies 1848 71.PDF

New Light on Writing in the Americas. PDF


Scripture and Tradition in Judaism The Life of Abraham. PDF 

Antonio Lebolo:

Antonio Lebolo

A Visit to Egypt Nubia the Oasis Mt Sinai and Jerusalem. PDF

Abrahamic Writings & Mummies in D.H.C..PDF

Antonio Lebolo His life and Contributions to Egyptology. PDF

Antonio Lebolo- His Roots and Branches. PDF

Archeological Announcements from The National Museum of Antiquities. PDF

Catalogue of Skulls of Man and the Inferior Animals. PDF

Catalogue of Egyptian Antiquities in The British Museum-Mummies and Human Remains. PDF

Drove H Collection. PDF

Excavations at Thebes. PDF

Henry  Salt. PDF

Interpretation and Comparison of a Bilingual Inscription found on an Egyptian Mummy in the Royal Museum .PDF

Joseph Smith and the Lebolo Egyptian Papyri. PDF

Lebolo Letters. PDF

Lebolo will Translation. PDF

Letter M. D. Brine to Drovetti..PDF

Pettigrew's Demonstrations Upon Mummies a chapter in the History of Egyptology. PDF

Prolegomena to Any Study of the Book of Abraham. PDF

Recent Discoveries in Egypt and Nubia.PDF

Secon Mummy Article II Greek Mummy.PDF

Strong man Egyptologist. PDF

The Abrahamic Material. PDF

The Book of Abraham Extracts from the Large text also called The Book of Abraham. PDF

The Death Papyrus of Sensaos.PDF

The Great Belzoni. PDF

The Historical Background of the Book of Abraham. PDF

The Literature of Egypt and the Soudan.PDF

The Michael H. Chandler Family. PDF

The Two Pharaonic Cubits. PDF

Times & Seasons. PDF

To The Count Pio Vidua.PDF

Who Was Who in Egyptology. PDF


The Joseph Smith Papyri:

Abraham SEO 1989.pdf

Fragment found in Salt Lake City. PDF

Getting Ready to Begin an Editoral.pdf

New light on Joseph Smith's Egyptian Papyri BW.pdf

New light on Joseph Smith's Egyptian Papyri Color. PDF

The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri. PDF

The Joseph Smith Papyri A Preliminary Report. PDF

The Chronology of Ancient Egypt and The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology-Indexes. PDF


Nibley on the Facsimiles

The Three Facsimile of Abraham. PDF

Facsimile # 1

    Facsimile #1

Facsimile # 2

Facsimile #-2


Translation of Fac. # 2

Drawing of Explanation of Fac. # 2

 Amulets for  Protection. PDF

Translation and Commentary of the Joseph Smith Hypocephalus.PDF

Fac2 Hypocephalus.PDF

Hypo Source and Refrence.PDF

Hypocephalus of Shai enen.PDF

Melanges Maspero.PDF

Nesikhonsu's Burial Scrolls.PDF

Notes on Facsimile Two Hypocephalus.PDF

Proceedings Hypocephalus.PDF

Sur les Hypocephales.PDF


Facsimile # 3