The Hypocephalus Page


            Below  are a number of Hypocephali from various museums and collections around the world.

Presented first will be Facsimile Number Two from the Book of Abraham as it appears today,  and as it was before it was prepared for printing in the Times and Seasons.  The following hypocephali will be thumbnails that can be clicked on for a larger view.  With each hypocephalus a translation will eventually be added to this web site where one exists in the printed material and sources. This site will eventually contain all hypocephali in my collection, and all others that research will allow.

Facsimile Number Two from the Book of Abraham

Facsimile  Number Two (above left) is how it appeared in 1842 in the Times and Seasons  when the first installment of the "Book of Abraham" was  published. The original hand drawn copy (above right) shows the areas that were missing on the actual papyrus that the Prophet Joseph Smith received from Michael Chandler in 1835, or destroyed by the time of publication in the Times and Seasons.  The reconstruction of the missing text, to visually complete the hypocephalus, was done under the direction of Joseph Smith with the characters from the "sn-sn" papyrus, now in the  possession of The Church. The restoration of the missing vignettes are astoundingly correct when compared to other hypocephali that can be seen below. Ruben  Hedlock engraved the woodcut used for the first printing and publication in 1842 for the Times and Seasons.

 Translation of Fac. #2

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