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The Book Store

This site will list and link to Amazon.com to some of the books that I have in my library, and use in research and find the most informative about a variety of subjects.  Most are by non-L.D.S. authors who have done a phenomenal amount of research that adds to an LDS perspective in the understanding of the scriptures, doctrines and temples, both ancient and modern.  There are also many other books that are "Just for Fun" that might be related to science, Behavior, Philosophy, Mythology, Egyptology, Archaeology, Scripture, etc. etc.  Remember that some of these titles might be found less expensive if you search through Amazon.com/books







Prophecies and Promises

by: Bruce H. Porter and Rod Meldrum

This much anticipated book is out and ready to ship. This 200 page book outlines the 36 prophesies and promises indicating the 'Promised Land' in the Latter-days.


Ancient Covenants

In this series of 8 DVDs Brother Porter has provided the lectures and PowerPoints used in his classes and tours that are most often asked for by his students and participants. Through these topics and presentations Brother Porter sheds new light on our scriptural understanding and the correlations between old-world myth and ritual and the restored gospel in this dispensation. These few presentations will give added insights into the ordinances found in the scriptures, as each discussion stands as a witnesses of the reality of Joseph Smith as a Prophet of God, the Restoration and the divinity of the Scriptures.

Lost Civilization of North America DVD

Who were the people in North America before Columbus? Their civilization covered nearly the entire area of the United States. They had Obsidian from Yellowstone, Gold, Iron and copper from the Great Lakes region, pearls and sea shells from the Gulf of Mexico. The people worshiped with a common religion. They left evidences of language and artifacts that trace back to Egypt and the Middle East. Who were these people who lived here in such great magnitude?


Free Books Online

Archaeological History of Ohio,  The Mound Builders