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All Scripture is founded in the principles and ordinances of Exaltation.
Below are just a few contained in the Standard Works.

2 Nephi 2 The Doctrines of the Temple
Lehi teaches and blesses Jacob with the doctrines and concepts required for exaltation.
Either 3 and 4 Passing through the Vail.
The Bro of Jared is pronounced free from sin "redeemed from the fall" and enters into the presence of God
Abraham 1:2-4 Covenants of the Fathers (priesthood, posterity, inheritance).
The blessings of exaltation that  came from Adam
Genesis 1:27,28 Blessings of Adam (priesthood, posterity, inheritance).
Moses 3:27,28 Blessings of Adam and Eve (priesthood, posterity, inheritance).
Abraham 2:7-12 Abrahamic Covenant (priesthood, posterity, inheritance).
The whole Book of Abraham is a record of his Endowment.
Genesis 15 Oath, and Covenant ( oath is the cutting, and symbol of death).
some animals are cut into two parts others  the throat is cut,
(symbols of death and sacrifice)
Genesis 17 - 18 Abrahamic Covenant and Name Change.
Psalms 15, 24 Recommend interviews
"who may ascend the Hill of the Lord"
(the Temple)
Jacob 2 Covenants and Laws of Temple (The Laws of Chastity, and Gospel)
Alma 12, 13, 34 Mysteries of God are the ordinances of Exaltation (Alma 12:9-11)
Melchizedek Ordinances symbolize the Atonement (Alma13:16; Alma 34:14)
3 Nephi 12-14 Teaching of the Endowment, The Sermon on Mt. is the Endowment less the ordinances. The Character of those worthy of exaltation.
Alma 5:14-33 Arms of Mercy (ritual embrace).
The word "atonement" means to draw close" to be embraced by God
Exodus 3 "I am that I am"
(names signs and tokens).
Genesis 32: 24-32 Jacob Embraces (not "wrestles") the Angel to receive the Abrahamic Covenant.
Jacob receives a "new name" and the blessings of the Veil of "priesthood, posterity, and inheritance.
Genesis 27:1 - 28:1-4 Endowment of Jacob
Jacob endowed with power from Isaac his father and priesthood leader.
D & C 107: Ordained / Blessed = Priesthood / Endowed
patriarchs ordained to priesthood and blessed with the "blessings of the fathers"
D&C 42: Law of Consecration.
as contained in the Doctrine and Covenants
D&C 104:1-18 God will not be mocked, and be in Satan's power for not living the covenants, "Law of Gospel" explained.
D&C 132 Law of Chastity, eternal marriage, blessings of priesthood, posterity and inheritance, in exaltation.
Moses 1-5 Narrative of the Endowment in Nauvoo, The Creation, Fall and Redemption of Man
Influence of Satan upon posterity of Adam
D & C 84 Oath and Covenant and ordinances of 1st Born,
Three priesthood "sons of Aaron (Aaronic Priesthood), sons of Moses (Melchizedek Priesthood), seed of Abraham (Patriarchal Priesthood) as described by Joseph Smith.
The oath and covenant of priesthood is the Endowment.