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Temple Outline


I.    Temple Symbolism

A    Mountains

1.    Primordial Mound

a.    Temenos

b.    Pyramids

c.    Tower of Babel             

d.    Mastabah and Burial Mounds            

2.    Axis Mundi                 

a.    Center of Creation                  

3.    Omphalos or Navel of the Earth                 

a.    The Point of Life and Creation                  

b.    Physical and Spiritual Sustenance

(1)    Constant need of Nourishment to Body and Spirit              

4.    Altar                 

a.    har-el                  

b.    Law of the Altar             

c.    A Place of Conception, Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection              

d.    Sacrifice and Supplication             

5.    Throne of God                 

a.    Sacred Space                  

b.    Creation of Man                 

(1)    Image and Likeness              

(2)    Dust of the Earth              

B.    Six Cardinal Directions                

1.    Three Worlds or Levels                 

a.    World of the Gods                 

b.    World of the Living.                 

c.    World of the Dead                  

d.    Tri-partite Temple Architecture                 

2.    The Axis of the Three Levels                 

a.    Work for the Dead                  

(1)    Bind on Earth and in Heaven              

(a)    Matt. 16:               

b    Altar and Covenants.                 

(1)    Three Levels of the Altar              

c.    Altar and Prayer                  

(1)    Jewish Tradition               

3.    Circle and Square                 

a.    Temple Orientation                  

(1)    Directional               

(a)    All Return from the East               

(b)    Temple Paradigm              

(2)    Moroni              

b.    Pillars of Heaven                 

(1)    Horns of the Altar              

(2)    Sons of Horus              

(a)    Facsimile’s 1 & 2               

c.    The Prayer Circle                  

(1)    Circle and Square              

(2)    Four Directions              

(3)    Primordial mound              

(4)    Closest point between Heaven and Earth              

(5)    Throne of God              

(a)    Ark of the Covenant            

i)    Mercy Seat                  

4.    Center Point of Creation                 

a.    Templum                  

(1)    Template              

b.    The Observatory                 

(1)    Bearings on the Universe              

5.    Garden and the Tree of Life                 

C.    Water                

1.    The Abyss                 

a.    Waters of Creation and Chaos                  

2.    Waters of Life                 

3.    Waters of Knowledge             

4.    Garden and the Four Rivers            

 II.    Temples                                                             

A.    Purpose of Temples                

1.    House of the Gods                   

a.    Beth-el                  

2.    Place of Ordinance                 

a.    Overcoming Natural Law                  

(1)    Physical Death              

(2)    The Law of Justice or Spiritual Death              

B.    Ancient Temples                  

1.    Israelite                   

a.    Solomon                  

(1)    The Threshing Floor               

(a)    Grain               

(b)    Blood              

(c)    Mount Moriah               

i)    The Sacrifice Abraham and Isaac                   

ii)   Crucifixion                  

iii)   Resurrection                

(2)    Holy of Holies (debir)              

(a)    Ark of Covenant               

i)    Tablets of the Law                   

a)    Spiritual Food                 

ii)    Manna                  

a)    Temporal Food                 

iii)    Aaron’s Rod                

a)    Revelation and Authority                 

b)    Moses and Jethro                 

c)    Joseph and the Espousal of Mary                

(b)    “yom kuppor” Once a Year              

i)    Blood Atonement                   

ii)   High Priest                  

a)    The Covenants                 

b)    Represents all of Israel as if at the Altar             

(3)    Holy Place (hekal)              

(a)    Altar of Incense               

i)    Prayer before the Veil                   

a)    Zechariah                 

b)    Septuagint /Ex. 25:22                 

(b)    Table of Shewbread              

i)    Bread                   

ii)   Wine               

(c)    Menorah               

i)    Oil from the Tree of Life                   

ii)    Light of God              

iii)   Tree of Life             

iv)   Seven Periods  of Creation             

(4)    “Ulam              

(5)     Pillars               

(a)    The Guards of the Gate               

(b)    Ruty          

(c)     Joachim and Boaz           

b.    2nd Temple                 

(1)    Zarubabel               

(2)    Ezra, Nehemiah          

c.    Herod                  

2.     Egyptian                 

a.    Luxor                  

(1)    Pylons and Obelisks              

(a)    Primordial Mound               

b.    Karnack                 

c.    Denderah                  

(1)    Zodiac              

(a)    Facsimile # 2               

d.    Funerary                 

3.     Mesopotamian                 

a.    Ziggurat                  

(1)    Seven Levels              

(2)    Altar Temple              

b.    Clay Nails                 

(1)    Sacred Space              

(2)    Slaying the Serpent          

c.    Cylinder Seals                  

(1)    Primordial Mound              

(2)    Pylons          

4.    Greek                   

a.    The Threshing Floor                  

(1)    The Greek Theatre              

(a)    The Creation Drama          

i)    “Poema                    

5.    Other Temples                

a.    Meso-American                  

b.    Hindu             

c.    Native American              

d.    Stone Hinge             

6.    Modern                

a.    Joseph Smith                  

(1)    Purpose of Temples              

b.    Kirkland                 

c.    Navuoo             

d.    Salt Lake             

 7.    Future           

a.    Jerusalem           

b.    New Jerusalem       

III.    Coronation              

A.    Ancient                

B.    Modern            


IV.    Endowment 

A.    Endowment of Power               
B.    Mysteries of Godliness                

C.    Recommend       

 V.    Washings                

A.    Washing of Feet                

B.    Ritual Cleansing            

VI.    Anointing             

A.    The Seven Blows                

1.    Resurrection                 

B.    Kings and Priests                

VII.    Clothing           

A.    Garments       

B.     Robes of Priesthood           

VIII.   Name     

A.    New Name                

IX.     Creation.             

A.    General.               

B.     Worlds without Number           

C.     Plants           

D.     Animals           

E.      Man           

1.    Adam                 

2.    Eve                 

X.    Garden                

A    .Tree of Life                

B.    Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil                

XI.    Satan             

A.    Pre-earth                

B.    Purpose                

XII.   Fall of Man           

A.    Repentance                

1.    Steps of Repentance                 

XIII.   Sent Ones     

A.    Angels                

XIV.   Altars     

XV.    Oaths     

XVI.   Covenants    

A.    General                

B.     Obedience           

C.     Sacrifice           

D.     Gospel           

E.      Virtue           

F.      Consecration           

XVII. Vail    

A.    Ritual Embrace                

1.    Atonement         

2.    Power of God     

B.    Abrahamic Covenant

1.     Priesthood                 

2.     Posterity            

3.     Inheritance/Land/Worlds            

XVIII.    The Presence of God

A.    Exaltation       

B.    Calling and Election