These elements are common among all dispensational prophets and even among most prophets, and are common, or should be in the the lives of every Latter-day Saint.

These themes can be seen in the life of Lehi in 1Nephi Chapter One, or  Joseph Smith, as with Adam, Enoch Noah, Abraham and Moses. etc. etc.

1.  The situation or social iniquity.

 2.  The "hero's" reaction to the situation.

 3.  The Lord's reply to the "hero's" reaction in the form of a revelation.

 4.  The visions from the Lord, these visions usually in the form of a Theophany, (vision of God) and or Cosmology (vision of creation).

 5.  The "hero" returns from vision to give a "testament and will" to his posterity and mankind.

 6.  The "hero's" mission, the preaching of the word of God.

 7.  The death or martyrdom of the "hero."


                                                          DISPENSATIONAL PROPHETS

 1.  A Theophany (vision or manifestation of God) or "first vision" experience, the introduction of Christ by the Father.  This is necessary to restore the Nature of God and the Necessity of the Atonement, the two doctrines that Satan tries to destroy..

2.  The conflict of Satan with the Prophet and his appearance as an "angel of light." (D&C 128:20).

3.  The participation and restoration of the keys of the priesthood and it=s Afullness@ or the "endowment."