1.  DUALISM:  The good and evil, the light and darkness, and the bliss and woe.

2.  TWO WORLDS:  The spiritual and physical, and life on earth and life in the eternal worlds.

3.  DISPENSATIONS:  Apocalyptic literature is given in regard to a particular time, or prophet of a given     dispensation.

4.  MESSIAH:  The coming of the Messiah is prophesied. First and/or Second Coming

5.  HISTORICAL REALITIES:  The prophet writing or speaking has a time and place in                       history.

6.  MILLENNIUM:  The millennial reign of peace is prophesied, a time when "the earth shall rest from her labors."

7.  MORAL TEACHINGS:  Revelations concerning man's relationship with his God and fellow man.

8.  ATTITUDE TOWARD THE SACRED:  The Temple and its ordinances, and instructions to the "elect."

9.  NATURE OF MAN:  Where did we come from?  Why is man here on the earth? What lies                 beyond death?

10. UPHEAVALS OF NATURE:  The judgments of God upon man.